Otis Technology

Otis Technology manufactures the most advanced gun cleaning systems and accessories in the world. Otis Technology provides the industry standard for gun care for U.S. Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Officials. Otis provides care for your firearm whether you are a hunter, competitive shooter or wear a uniform for our country. With Otis' cleaning kits you'll spend more time shooting and less time cleaning with the best firearms cleaning system on the market today.

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Smart Gun Care.

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Tracy & Lanny have been using Otis Gun Cleaning kits their entire biathlon career. They don't trust any other product with an Olympic level performance. Otis kits have kept the twins guns performing in the most extreme conditions. While other cleaning solvents will freeze in bitterly cold conditions causing your bolt to stop functioning, Otis' Dry Lube will keep your firearm operating. Otis' kits are light weight an portable and you can pack them just about anywhere. You'll see Tracy & Lanny pack their kits on an elk hunt, to the biathlon range and while competing in 3 gun. Otis even has a kit that will clean every caliber pistol, rifle, or shotgun. Don't trust your guns to anything else. Clean with Otis... Smart Gun Care!

Sabre Pepper Spray

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Continuing the Evolution of the 1911

-          SABRE is the no. 1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide. The brand has spent 40 years leading the nonlethal personal safety category, and specializes in law enforcement and civilian pepper sprays, bear spray, dog spray, personal alarms, stun guns, personal safety training and home security.

When it comes to pepper spray, SABRE is the only pepper spray manufacturer with the technology to ensure maximum heat in every canister.

SABRE takes pride in its philanthropic efforts supporting three fantastic charities: National Breast Cancer Foundation (over $1 million donated so far), Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network and Kuros!TM (providing free pepper spray to women at high risk of sexual assault).   

Most-recommended civilian products:
-          Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring (pink supports NBCF, red supports RAINN, teal supports Kuros!TM)
-          Spitfire Pepper Spray with Compact Key Case
-          Pepper Gel Kit with Keychain Pepper Gel, Practice Gel, Target & Training Video
-          Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable Hand Strap
-          Home Defense Pepper Gel
-          Dorm/Apartment Kit

STI Firearms

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Continuing the Evolution of the 1911

From it’s simple beginnings as a 2 man gun shop in Texas to its current place at the top of the semi-custom market, the Employee Owners of STI have always sought to not only provide the very best products at a reasonable price, but to try to stay ahead of the curve in technological innovations.

From leading the firearms industry into the precision world of "EDM" hammers, sears, and other components to the invention of the legendary 2011 platform, STI has continually led the way. STI pistols are highly sought after world wide and the name has become synonymous with the highest quality of firearms for competitive, tactical, & personal protection use.

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J.P. Enterprises

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Continuing the Evolution of the 1911

JP Rifles speak for themselves. These rifles are flawlessly designed and incredibly accurate. Designed by real shooters for shooters, JP rifles are some of the most highly sought after and most respected firearms in the market. Whether you are competing in a shooting sport or carry a rifle for your profession JP Enterprises has all your needs covered in one of the most awe-inspiring displays of design and craftsmanship you'll ever find in a rifle. Check out their huge selection of custom rifles and part at
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Tactrainers Airsoft Target Systems

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Let's face it, we can't always make it to the range to get the amount of shooting in that we need to stay competitive. And it can be tough to get the ammo you need as well. With Airsoft training you can train anywhere. It's a cost effective, extremely important tool that any shooter can use to improve your skills. With Tactrainer's airsoft targets you can get the training you need on scaled down versions of actual competitive targets. Shoot the texas star or the plate rack from the comfort of your own home. Test your skills on the polish plate rack. Check out all of Tactrainer's line of competitive airsoft training systems at
Airsoft is the future of skills training for the Action Shooting Sports! Why?? Convenience, Comfort, Less expense, Time efficient, Unrestricted range environment, Privacy, Ammo availability, Higher round counts of perfect practice! Now you can afford to "Practice Like the Pro's" - Tactrainers
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Fiocchi Ammunition

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Known for reliability and accuracy beyond its price, Fiocchi ammunition delivers the performance competition shooters need to maximize their efforts and minimize time on the clock. Used for practice and competition, Fiocchi offers many loads appropriate for 3 Gunners who need lots of ammo to prepare and compete. For shotgun courses, look into our Shooting Dynamics shotshells (1 and 1 1/8 ounce loads at several different velocities) for the ultimate in clean, consistent shells for high volume practice. Loads developed for semi-auto shotguns using the right amount of performance to reliably operate auto-loading shotguns with as little recoil as possible to reduce shot-to-shot times and recoil recovery.

Fiocchi also offers low recoil loads for pump shotguns if that is your game. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics loads offer the right mix of economy and performance for your shooting dollar and time. For our very best of shotgun shells, choose our Exacta Target loads (also in 1 and 1 1/8 ounce loads) that use the best shot and wads with top-shelf clean-burning consistent powders to keep your semi auto shotgun running as fast as it can with increased reliability when compared to lesser loads on the market. Race guns Fiocchi 3 Gun Competition Are you a three gunner? If yes, Fiocchi ammunition should be in your cart alongside your rifle, pistol, magazines, and shotshell carriers. work best on the best ammo-Fiocchi Exacta. Many of our shotshell loads are used by professional shooters because they know performance counts and Fiocchi delivers. We also offer the slugs (1 ounce high velocity and low recoil and 7/8 ounce fat-shooting reduced recoil) and buckshot (high velocity and low recoil) often required at some “Outlaw” matches. For steel, reactive, and clay targets, Fiocchi offers what you need to knock them down for score.

Pistol shooters know Fiocchi delivers when the hits count. Reliable, accurate, clean, consistent, and economical these words describe Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics loads in all calibers but especially so for 3 Gunners. You need your magazines (metal or polymer) filled to capacity with ammo you can depend on. Fiocchi 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP loads answer the call when competitive shooters need the best they can get with plenty of value built in. Loads meeting Minor Power factor for 9mm (115, 124, and 147 grain) and Major power factor loads for 40 S&W (165, 170, and 180) and 45ACP (230 grain) full metal jackets and new for 2015 Complete Metal- Jacketed bullets with a quality copper plating make for accurate loads in all pistol barrel types including those with polygonal rifling.

When the rifle comes into the course of fre, you need ammo you don’t have to worry about functioning and hitting the target. Again Fiocchi delivers with our Shooting Dynamics high volume/high-value rifle loads. Many shooters report excellent accuracy from our most economical 223 55 FMJBTs (223A). We also offer high quality 62 grain FMJBTs for those shooters and rifles that like a heavier economical load with no steel in the core or jacket. Compared to other 62 grain loads on the market, we are confident you will find ours (223C) much more accurate due to its one piece lead core and quality copper jacket (no penetrator tips here). Our 150 grain 308 FMJBT loads also feature high quality bullets way above the mil-spec offerings from most other suppliers for those who shoot Heavy Metal class or just enjoy the satisfying impact of a 308 Win round on a distant steel target. To see hits are easy for the range officer to call, “HIT!”.

For long range applications, load your magazines with Fiocchi Exacta Match loads in 69 and 77 grain featuring Sierra HPBT Match bullets for 223 Rem. needs and 168, 175, and 180s for your 308 Win. applications. With ammo rifle ammo this good, you can focus your efforts on correct range and wind calls without worrying about the ammo performance. Fiocchi will deliver when the sight picture and trigger press are right.

Salute Targets

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Steel Target Leaders for Nearly a Decade
Since Christmas Day 2003, Salute steel targets have been engineered with shooter safety in mind. But not at the expense of shooting enjoyment.  Safe-to-Shoot™ engineering and design philosophy goes into all our steel targets, from our entry-level line of Rimfire steel targets to our law enforcement steel targets and military steel targets.
Continual Evolution of Our Steel Target Designs
Salute’s engineering team is constantly improving our market-leading steel target designs. Over the years we’ve made revolutionary changes in nearly every aspect of our steel target design. Through multiple design cycles, we fine-tune the action characteristics for various gun calibers and shooting situations while researching and testing various new shapes and fabrication methods; all with one goal in mind; ensuring that your Salute steel target will provide you with years of safe and enjoyable shooting.
Engineered For Safety | Designed For Action
When moving a few thousand feet per second, bullet fragment management is critical.  Target angle, limited edge exposure and hot metal splash capture zones are engineered into every product we build.  This makes Salute Targets the safest in the industry.
With over 100 different targets to choose from, your shooting skills will improve without boredom setting in.
Over the years we’ve made revolutionary changes in nearly every aspect of our steel target design. Fine tuning the action for various gun calibers and shooting situations while researching and testing new shapes, designs and fabrication methods.

Redwolf Airsoft

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“I have been training with airsoft for years. When I am on the road, I don't always have access to a range that can help me get the trigger time I need to get ready for a shooting competition. I can set up my Airsoft  range anywhere. It's quiet, safe and RedWolf Airsoft always helps me get ready and in the game. As a professional shooter I always worry about my hearing even with hearing protection. I train with products from RedWolf Airsoft, not only because it is an important training tool, but it is also quiet and doesn't affect my hearing. I can also set up a range anywhere because of how quiet and little space it requires.”
“As an Olympian and professional Shooter I believe that Airsoft is one of the most important training tools a shooter can have. The reality is we can't all live at the range, so when we aren't at the range we can use airlift to get the trigger time and muscle memory we need to improve our shooting. Airsoft helps me to practice movement and other difficult shots with both pistol and rifle before I try them out with live fire and my competition guns. I can easily practice stages over and over, allowing me to save my ammo for the competition, but get the practice I need to compete with the best. RedWolf Airsoft is a leader in the industry and they carry high quality equipment that we need for our training.  They are also a tremendous support to us.”
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T.O.P Shooting Institute

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The Olympian Project (T.O.P) Shooting Institute was founded on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to learn elite, olympic level skills to reach their goals in shooting. Our instructors are among the few in the world to teach the skills offered at T.O.P Shooting Institute and we feel that we have an obligation to help people reach their potential. We also believe that the opportunity should extend to anyone, which is why we travel to you. Our classes are competitively priced and we save you the financial burden of travel and hotel costs. This way you'll get more out of the course and it'll be affordable to learn the skills you need to reach the next level. We also believe that everyone who carries a firearm should be prepared for any situation whether it be a life or death situation for our military and law enforcement officers, a difficult hunt, or a strenuous competition. We also believe that no one who carries a firearm for their profession can afford to not be proficient in the skills we teach at T.O.P. Every shooter is faced with physical and mental barrier in shooting. Some of these barriers can be caused by stress, others by your surroundings, regardless of the cause, your body and mind will react and you need to be trained to handle these barriers. That is where T.O.P's cutting edge course come in. There aren't any other shooting school who teach the physiological and psychological skills of shooting, and often times these are the most important aspects of achieving success in shooting. We have been designing and testing our courses for over 5 years and we are confident that you will find them informative, cutting edge, challenging, and exciting.

Train Hard. Live Prepared.

Tracy & Lanny are the owners and founders of The Olympic Project (T.O.P) Shooting Institute. T.O.P. Shooting Institute (aka The Olympian Project Institute) provides elite level training to military personnel, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and hunters. Our unique courses are designed to test the shooters ability and improve their skills as a marksman. T.O.P. Institute offers unique, never before offered services with instructors who are among the few in the world with the expertise necessary to teach the skills of shooting with an elevated heart rate and shooting under stress. All of our instructors are Olympians in the sport of biathlon with over 15 years experience in elite level shooting and a decade of experience in teaching these skills. Our courses develop the shooters ability to respond to the physical and psychological aspects of shooting. T.O.P's courses are for any shooter whose job, professional success and personal safety depend on their ability as a shooter. Every shooter deals with stress while shooting and our courses help you to be able to handle the mental and physiological aspects of high stress shooting. We offer state of the art technology and presentation that gives a visual demonstration that is informative, entertaining, and awe-inspiring as well as a hands-on training that gives the student knowledge for implementing the skills in the field. Our Instructors come to you and your range to giving you the most economical way to learn elite level skills. Our courses are among the most sought after courses in the U.S. Our Instructors are knowledgable, friendly and will work closely with you to improve your skills. We offer multiple levels of instruction in each course offering you the chance to build upon your skill level. Contact us if you or your unit, department, or range would like to host a class or contact us if you'd like more information about attending one of our courses, if you're interested in a training plan, or if you'd like to hear about individual training with T.O.P Instructors.

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