It only seemed fitting that when it was time for Lanny to be born she refused to go despite all the pushing and the doctor’s gentle, or not so gentle, tugging. She would be the first-born, but it was almost as if she was waiting for Tracy. At birth Lanny and Tracy set out into life much like any other newborns except that their paths would remain parallel and often times woven together. Two little bodies, two minds, 4 arms, 4 short legs, 20 fingers, and 20 toes, and two souls coiled together as one in a bond that very few, including those closest to them, would ever fully understand.

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Growing up in the mountain town of Durango, Colorado it only seemed fitting that their family spent most of its time outdoors. Their mom was a biology teacher and their dad an avid hunter. The twin’s weekends were spent hunting, hiking and camping in the woods. Their dad fed their family off the meat that he harvested in the woods and soon Tracy & Lanny helped in the responsibilities of filling the freezer every year. Their dad would challenge their shooting by offering them a quarter for every time they hit the bullseye, but that soon ended as the twin’s pockets began filling up with quarters and their dad’s eagerness to pay up waned. So the twins turned to shooting competitions where they heard about the sport of biathlon.

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Lanny and Tracy chose biathlon mostly because it appealed to their adventurous spirit. They loved the almost conflicting skills needed to be successful in the sport and the battle to make those two skills come together. The twins also loved the training for biathlon. The training came natural to them. They never considered the long hours it took to prepare "training".  For them it was exploring. They'd go out for a run and naturally they'd have to see what was over the next ridge or try to get to the top of the peak even though their "training" should have been over hours earlier. Tracy & Lanny also grew up playing soccer and were pretty good at it, but with biathlon they were terrible at first. Biathlon was challenging to them. They soon became addicted to the challenge. It's hard to get all the pieces to align in biathlon, the heart pounding skiing and the steely skills of shooting, but when you do, it's the most beautiful feeling in the world and that is why the twins compete in the sport.

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Lanny & Tracy’s journey in biathlon took them all over the world. And during this journey they shared a lot as twins. They shared injuries, both having the same frequent injury on their left shoulders. They shared tears, sickness, triumph and defeat. They shocked physiologists with the almost identical numbers their bodies produced during VO2 Max testing. And what became the biggest shock of all was when Tracy made the Olympic team in 2014, but declined her spot so that Lanny, who was sick during the trials and wasn’t able to make the team, would have a chance to be named to the Olympic Team and compete for her country. This act of selflessness is an example of the bond that these two athletes share.

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Lanny & Tracy have competed in biathlon for over 15 years. They have competed in countless World cup and international races. Lanny competed in 3 Olympic Winter Games and Tracy represented her country in the Olympics in 2006. The twins have shared a lot together in during their biathlon journey and will continue to strive towards that perfect race, much like every biathlete who participates in this brutally demanding, yet exciting sport.

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Along with biathlon the twins are taking on another adventure. After the Olympics in 2014 Lanny & Tracy started training for 3 gun competitions. They have rather ambitious goals for the sport and are looking forward to one day competing with the top men & women on the 3 gun Nation circuit. This year Lanny & Tracy will be competing in one of the most exciting, fast-paced shooting sports in the U.S.
In 2016 they’ll compete in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Circuit at the USA Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK. Lanny & Tracy will be competing with Beretta 1301 Competition Shotguns, STI Pistols, and JP Enterprise Rifles. They’ll also be using Otis gun cleaning kits. For training they use Redwolf airsoft pistols and rifles.